Program for BREW CON: What’s Brewing

Here’s the final, and very exciting, program for BREW CON: What’s Brewing


BREWtalk schedule

14:15 – «Looking for a New England» documentary from Craft Beer Channel

15:30 – «Lambic: About Time & Passion» documentary on Lambic beer

16:30 – «From home-brewer to pro brewer “ Claudia Asch, Cloudwater.

17:00 – «Mixing Up your Mixed Ferm» James Rylance, Harbour Brewing

17:30 – «Fermentation Fever» Andrew Paterson, Lallemands

18:00 – «Inside Stout» White Hag Brewing Co.

18:30 – «Be Fruitful with your Fruit additions» Cascade Brewing

19:00 – Taste-along with Norbrygg Rogaland

19:30 – «Talk on yeast strains for hazy beers?» White Labs

20:00 – «Choosing the right Hops, from Rhizome to Glass» Simply Hops

20:30 – «We like Kveik» Svein Arild Skjæveland

21:00 – «BREW CON Norway Masters» Award Ceremony



  • Bryggselv – Stavanger’s Local Home Brew Store
  • Malt Miller – UK’s largest online retailer of all things home brew (large volume of deliveries to Norway)
  • White Labs Yeast & Fermentation, wet yeast supplier
  • Simply Hops, hop supplier
  • Grainfather (local partner)
  • Lallemands Yeast, yeast supplier
  • Hopcat, All-in-one brewing system

Plus more to be announced!

Remember: Free entry for all NORWAY MASTERS Competition entrants!

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