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What’s Brewing 19 – The Brewery List

Updated Oct 12th to reflect confirmed changes to the list.

What’s Brewing will be returning, and here’s who’s brewing in 2019.

What’s Brewing 2019 is set for October 18th – 19th and is shaping up to be a veritable who’s who of the global brewing industry. No surprises there, after all this is one of the world’s greatest beer festivals. But it’s not about big names – it’s about what they brew.


James Goulding talks us through the why’s and how’s of booking breweries, and getting beer delivered, to a festival of this magnitude:

-The line-up this year has changed dramatically. More than 50%, in fact. Some of these were extremely difficult calls for us to make. We have a finite number of spaces and always want to invite more, so it has been hard to cut breweries who have supporting us and been ever-present at previous years.

-We want to show people that we listen, and adjust the line-up to focus on styles globally, not just current trends. So you’ll have German Pilsners, Japanese Rice Lagers, American Sours, and even our first Cider producer joining us this year, to give a wide perspective of what’s currently out there. 

-To secure that beer arrives in time and as fresh as possible, we’ve essentially doubled the budget for air freight and have started already working with DHL / JFH. We had some issues last year at JFK NYC where the X-ray machine went down. This held up Other Half and Norway Brewing Co. So, we’ll get the beer in earlier and use Tou Scene’s cold room.

-In terms of selling What’s Brewing to new breweries, we are in a lucky position now, where most have either met myself or Dave [David Graham – WB co-founder and head brewer at LERVIG], or know of this crazy party in Stavanger through other breweries who have attended. The only hard part in convincing them is that it is October and usually wet and grey.

-I’d say everyone is excited when we say Norway. Let’s be honest, its a pretty fucking cool place to visit! Attractiveness is subjective. Obviously LERVIG is in town and that helps, but being almost at the end of the festival season is also a major factor. A closing party if you will. 

-As for local collabs, LERVIG usually arrange a couple, We’d be more than happy to suggest other Rogaland breweries to our visiting friends.

-Now, as for tap take overs, Cloudwater will have a fringe event. As will Verdant + Left Handed Giant – together. But remember – on the Thursday we have big plans for Brewcon Norway…..more on that later. 

37 40 breweries have been confirmed. The plan is to add another 2 or 3. We will add them to the list as and when they are confirmed.

In total, 14 15 countries are represented, and many of the breweries are not only new to What’s Brewing, they are also new to Norway.

Tickets are scheduled to go on sale April 4th and the price has been frozen – again.


From the UK
Cloudwater Brew Co
Harbour Brewing Co
The Kernel
Left Handed Giant Brewing Co
Manchester Union Brewery
Siren Craft Brew
Verdant Brewing Co

From Ireland
Whiplash Beer
The White Hag Irish Brewing Co

From Spain
Basqueland Brewing

From Denmark
Gamma Brewing
To Øl

From Sweden
O/O Brewing
Stockholm Brewing Co
Stigbergets Bryggeri

From Italy

From Germany
Mahrs Bräu

From Switzerland
WhiteFrontier Brewery

From Estonia

From Norway
Lervig Aktiebryggeri
Lindheim Ølkompani
Yeastside Brewing Co

From the US of A
Cascade Brewing
Finback Brewery
Other Half Brewing Co
Lamplighter Brewing Co
Modern Times Beer
Stillwater Artisanal
Norway Brewing Co
Sand City Brewing Co
The Bruery

From Japan
Coedo Brewery
Shiga Kogen Beer (Tamamura Honten)

From China
Jing-A Brewing Co
Great Leap Brewing

From Canada
Collective Arts Brewing
Malty National Brewing Co

From Portugal 
Cerveja Letra

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