Belgium v USA – SOUR POWER: Cantillon v Cascade

Dato: 19/10/2017

Tid: 16.00-01.30

Sted: På Kornet, Stavanger


What’s Brewing is only once a year, (Nærbø Ølfestival only every 2nd year). På Kornet wants to make sure the night before will be something to remember as well! You said you wanted it sour, we’ll we got sour, the best of the Americans vs the best from Belgium. A flight/fight to remember. They’ll put on the best American Kriek and duell it with the best Belgian Kriek and just to be dicks they’ll put on the best American Apricot beer and duel it with the best Belgian Apricot beer, “fy faen” or as some will say “Fou’ Foune”… 😛 There can be only one!

For those who wondered what happened to Sur September #2, we’ll this was it…